Servicing a flooring need

Rubber matsRubber United is a full service rubber and plastics supplier in South Africa. A brand that focuses on integral safety and security in a variety of applications or industries, this is a trusted specialist in the rubber industry.

Providing South Africa with a vast array of needed everyday items, these products must be of the highest grade to ensure longevity and reliability. Facilitating a number of important functions across industries, these essential items are seen on a day to day basis. From Shopping centres to gyms, industrial businesses and school yards, there is a need for high quality products to fill these areas.

Mats and tiles

Rubber United products in gymRubber tiles and mat options are important in physical health industries as well as a number of service industry settings. Mats can also be a softer, safer alternative when flooring a gym or workout space. Tiled and puzzle-piece tiles are popular gym floor options, especially in MMA and boxing, allowing for a cushioned ground on which to fall and flip. Easy to put down and with varied densities, these allow for a padded practice and workout areas. As popular, trusted solutions in gyms across South Africa, these can be laid out to perfectly match the area.

Rubber mats on the other hand are not only functional, durable flooring options, but also ensure a number of safety features. Presenting a raised mat section with added grip, these are ideal for bars, restaurants and kitchens, allowing the staff to move around behind the scenes without slipping hazards. These are also often seen in heavy industry where a lot of liquids and chemicals are used, allowing for a much safer work environment.


With a padded layer to cover hard floors, these are ideal for protecting both floor and user. The industrial flooring options are available to protect workers, machines and equipment throughout the daily grind, adding a dependable layer that is easy to clean and won’t weather. As dense flooring solutions made from high grade material, these can ensure strain without wear and tear. Long lasting and adding an ideal, grip-heavy surface to the floor is perfect for a range of industry.

Outdoor fun

Outdoors playground and sports flooring is another rubber floor option that is used across the country. As a floor that sees regular activity and foot traffic, these must be made from long lasting, durable materials that can withstand the constant and consistent strain. Not only durable, but these must be easy to clean and maintain, being fitted into place within the intended space. Ideal for school playgrounds, these floor options are made from high quality rubber which allows for an amount of cushioning on impact. This makes for a much better surface than the traditionally used concrete, sand, or tar.
With a complete range of high quality rubber flooring options available, Rubber United can service the need for high grade products in South Africa.

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