Protective matting at work

Protective matting at workProtective matting at work – different mats and where they are needed most in the workplace (factories, entrances, stairs, etc.)

Protective matting at work is one of those things that you wouldn’t really consider, an unseen hero of the industrial and service worlds.  At the entrance of every building, behind every service counter and across industrial facilities, rubber matting is a key safety factor that ensures a number of protective functions.

Whether grip on wet floors, a guard from spills or an easy to clean floor solution in a hygiene focused area, these durable products ensure that staff are kept safe and production remains on time. A key behind-the-scenes ingredient in an efficient business.

Ring Mats

rubber-united-ringmat-roll-3These entirely durable mat options are suitable for both indoor and outdoors use, allowing for an ideally thick, flat and sturdy layer to be placed over any surface. Often seen in the service industry and in industrial settings, these intelligently designed mats give staff and workers a layer between themselves and the floor, perfect for preventing slips and managing spills. Due to their high quality anti-slip design these are popular solutions for intensively used walkways around sites and factories. In addition to these common uses, ring mats are excellent as entrance mats. As they are not only durable, but also grip intensive, they make for a raised mat that serves its purpose well. Designed with connectors the mats can be coupled to each other and therefore can virtually be given any desired size.

Workplace Mats

Ideal for areas where work is done standing in one place for extended periods of time, like production, packaging and assembly, workplace mats offer security, safety and a degree of comfort when standing. The mats are anti-slip, anti-fatigue and have shock and sound absorbing properties. An ideal mat for an industrial setting these ensure that you have a more effective, efficient workforce possible. These mat solutions also reduce the risk of tripping and injury while falling around the workplace. A multifaceted product that can be tailored to your needs in size.

Stair & Entrance Mats

Mats for the stairs and for entrances are grip heavy and ideal for ensuring a non-slip surface. Ideal for a number of settings, these are an ideal safety measure seen in almost every business. These high quality rubber mats are a protective safety item that can ensure a diminished risk around the workplace, especially when a large amount of staff are using the areas, the mats must be able to withstand the foot traffic for years.

Rubber United can provide you with a trusted level of stunning protective rubber matting across South Africa.

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