Workplace Mats

Work Mat InterlockingThe unseen hero – used from bars to factories, keep workers safe, stable and fairly dry-footed

Workplace mats are truly an unsung hero of some dirty jobs. Whether dirty by name or dirty by nature, many daily jobs and workplaces rely on these high quality product to keep both their area clean and their staff safe. Mats offer grip, elevation and space, allowing for a number of benefits around common jobs.

At the bar and grill

The bar is a place where you may not see the nitty gritty of the work, busy drinking and dancing as most are, workplace mats and other rubber alternatives are integral to the smooth running of a bar on the move. Working with alcohol in such an amount not only means a lot of spillage, but also sticky, sugar-filled mess when the spills happen. Not to mention the amounts of glass that can get almost anywhere when broken. A rubber mat option allows for staff to be raised a bit off the floor, meaning glass, shards and general mess will sit below foot level, minimising risk of any injury or damage over the night. Providing much needed grip and stability, these mats are increasingly important when running around on a wet floor, protecting from any falls that may occur on the move. The same goes for kitchens, needing a clean, separated environment where messes can be controlled and taken care of.

Work MatThe factory setting

In the factory setting, worker safety and stability is integral to having a smooth running, efficient work force. With workers constantly on the floor, fulfilling a number or processes, having a durable rubber floor options lets you walk over any spills and ensure maximum grip at all times. Important especially when working with chemicals and liquids, you can ensure that staff can walk above the fluids, while the mat forces it through the holes and below. As tiled, slip in segments, these can be customised to fit into the needed solace, the perfect, professional way to cover your floors for workers.

Workshop floors

Not just for factories and heavy duty work spaces, floor mats made from durable, sturdy rubber ensures that many elements can be controlled. Not just for spills, but chemicals, electricity and dampening protection as well, these styles of mats can cater to a number of needs. Whether mats or workplace style mats, these can be strategically laid to ensure the maximum protection through the working week.

As a professional, reliable supplier in South Africa, be sure to contact Rubber United for all your speciality rubber and matting needs. With a full range of trusted items on hand, we can ensure that your workplace is as safe as can be for your staff members.

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