Family time: Rubber tiles are perfect for baby proof floors – how rubber products can be used over the festive season, family time

Rubber tiles and baby rooms seems like an odd match, but it is a truly wonderful way to give your baby its little afforded independence within their room. Whether going for a durable or soft option, PVC and rubber ensures that not only are the floors soft and easy to clean, but also durable enough to last, and good-looking enough to fit your theme.

Rubber Gym Mats

Gym mats are the perfect soft alternative for a child’s playroom. This soft, cushioned mats can be combined to cover a wider area perfectly. Able to be customised to your space, these are the best ways of ensuring fewer mishaps and injuries when baby decides to explore their space. With these thick, durable and soft tiles covering the floor, your baby will be able to fall, crawl and learn about life on the comfort of a padded floor. Not just there to protect, these floors are also much easier to clean than most traditional options. With a sturdy rubber design, these make for ideal baby proof flooring options around the house, giving you peace of mind with your little one while at home.

PVC Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking tiles are another great way to cover your floors while protecting both home and child. With the ability to lock together and form a solid matted space, these are wonderful for oddly shaped spaces that need unique designs. With a sturdier design, these offer less cushioning than the previous option, although in return gives you much more durable and easy to clean surface. With a variety of grip and texture options available, these can easily be placed to cover a space and removed once no longer needed around. Brilliant for when needing a play area in the day, and a lounge at the evening. These are also available in bright colours which make them great for the playful vibrance of a kids space. Taking away to worry of spilling and messing, as well as reducing any chance of being hurt while playing or falling, these PVC tiles are ideal for baby proofing your floors.

Roll Mats

A way of covering large areas of floor at once, rubber mats on a roll offer the same protection mentioned above, on a larger scale. With more mat to use, this is more ideal for areas with many children. Whether needing to move the mat around or secure it to your floor permanently, these provide cushioning and protection for your baby-proofed home. In this bulk design you can cover much more space at once, and can cut or adjust the mat to suit your space. This versatile way of using rubber matting is a testament to the strength and durability of these products.

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