Custom at its best with mats on roll – what mats are available on a roll and how they can be used, save money, etc

Rubber Ramp MatMats on a roll are an ideal for any custom setting. As a durable rubber selection South Africa, rubber flooring is diverse as it is lasting, and with ample uses across industries, it needs to be readily available in all shapes and sizes.

As flooring for offices, kitchens, industrial setting or more, need to be strong enough to take the strain of daily uses, as well as large enough to properly cover the space, buying tiles can get labour intensive when dealing with large, changing areas. Mats on a roll is a great way around this. An easy to apply, effective to relocate options in durable rubber flooring, rolls of matting can allow you to extend, retract or even adjust your covered floor space completely. Whether dealing with heavy industrial or chemical work, requiring more grippable, dense matting, or for kitchen areas, need ample drainage and height to rise above spills and potential accidents.

Ring mats are an option of rolled mat, suitable for both indoor and outdoors use. These specially designed products boast anti-slip properties, making them ideal for important workplaces and walkways that are used heavily throughout the day. Excellent scrapper qualities coupled with superior anti-slippery property can be used in high foot traffic areas and wet surfaces, ensuring that the users have reduced chances of slips and potential injuries around the workplace. A much needed addition to worker safety in any setting, the right mat can increase the efficiency of your space.

Mats of this style also boast a unique design with small drainage perforations, offering excellent scraping and dirt removal, suitable for wheelchairs and carts. These offer not only walkway safety, but also a way to remove any dangerous debris or dirt from worker’s boots. Suitable for your indoors and outdoors purpose as an entrance mat, laundry mat, snow mat, scraper mat or garden mat under all weather conditions.

The rubber ramp mats on a roll of Rubber United are ideal workstation mats in front of machines in factories, kitchens in restaurants and in areas subject to oil and debris. These mats are high grade rubber which can withstand heat and heavy debris. Best suited to mess-prone areas, they can be easily cleaned and will ensure added safety around areas with potential slipping hazards.

Rubber United also provides a stylish range of doormats. The doormats give off a beautiful, well-kept, but also professional appearance. The doormats can be used both indoors and outdoors, this is possible because the mat is an anti-slip mat. The door mats are perfectly suited for long-term use.

For top quality rubber products in South Africa, contact Rubber United.

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