Impact absorbing playground mats

Playground matsImpact absorbing playground mats are brilliant additions to increase protection on the ground. As a playground plays host to a range of children, running, leaping, jumping and swing, the flooring must allow for a padded fall if needed. Whether at school or in a training setting, playground mats and flooring option must be both durable and padded for a softer fall. Whether at home or at school, get the right mats for your area.

Home playgrounds are a great way to promote exercise, imagination, and creativity, being the space where the kids can let loose. In addition to ensuring your children’s happiness it is also crucial to ensure their safety while at play. Rubber playground surfaces are seen to be the best option on the market for quality playground flooring.

Rubber flooring is a clean and safe material to use for children of all ages. Unlike dirtier options like sand, mulch, wood chips, and other traditional playground cushioning, rubber ensures a cleaner environment around playing children. Other materials can change over time, affected by weather and other external factors, but a rubber mat will not degrade as quickly. Guaranteeing the same level of safety around the playground day after day. Since rubber products are made to be more durable in outdoor situations, we know the Rubber United range can stand the test of time.

The type of material used in playground surfaces is highly important to not only the enjoyment of the area, but also the safety of all those using it over the day. As most of us would surely know, 90% of the injuries sustained on the playground are usually caused by falls to the ground from high up. The tell-tale knee clutching and lowered head of a recently felt injury. A regular occurrence at park and school playgrounds across the nation, cement and paving are no longer up to the task of safety. These types of surfaces are unacceptable in a modern day playground, with the rough and hard tar giving anything but a cushioning landing pad. While mostly quite mundane, a scratched knee or bruised elbow, having these rock hard surfaces can lead to serious injury on the playground. Sometimes grass and turf are also used to cover playgrounds, but the fall back of grass is that is not nearly as soft as it looks. Grass can also stain most clothes, degrade quickly and die when exposed to heavy foot traffic over time – leading to a dust pit in the end.

Rubber playground mats offer an alternative that can not only stand up to the constant strain of the playground, but also increase the enjoyment at the playground. With a protective element, both easy to clean and move, these tiles are ideal at cushioning a fall from height. As kids tend to go a bit wild on the playground, we at know the importance of keeping them safe while letting them explore, putting your mind at ease while your little angel hangs from the monkey bars for the first time.

Rubber United understands and appreciates this need for safety when it comes to our children. We offer a durable, professional range of rubber flooring options. Perfectly suited the playground and sports field, our impact absorbing playground mats can ensure your kids have a cushion to catch them when they fall.

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