The Ultimate Gym Floor

Gym FloorDetailing interlocking tiles and sport gym range as part of the perfect gym design

The ultimate gym floor is sought after in South Africa, needing the right characteristics to get the job done. When training, health and exercise are your key focuses, the floor you install for training areas, at home or in a gym, can make all the difference. Whether a thicker option for MMA or ground based work, or a more dense, sturdy mat for more weight based routines, each floor can be best utilised in a certain way around your area.

Having a gym setup right in your home, for example, has many perks, but this can also often lead to confusion when designing the space. Being close to home allows you to dictate your gym hours better, not having to leave the house or prepare in advance for the journey. Unfortunately, a home gym can take a toll on your floors when you don’t use cover. Weights being used, equipment you may have, even sweat and water droplets can cause stains and damage over time. Heavy equipment, forceful exercises, and simple routines use can lead to long-term damage you need to ideally prevent.

Gym Floor MMA

Not just to show concern for space, but you as well, having the wrong flooring installed in your exercise area can actually hurt you and your posture over time.

This is why you need the ultimate gym floor selection, made of durable materials like rubber, these protective surfaces create a durable barrier between floor and equipment, keeping both safe along the way. The preferred home floor systems for gyms, both at home or professionally, tend to be the interlocking tile structure. Available in a number of option, from the puzzle style to simple rubber mat sheets, these can cater to a range of gym and exercise needs.

If you are looking to use your space for less intense exercise, like yoga or palates, then a softer mat option may be more ideal. Think about how much space you need to protect to decide which option is best, luckily the tiled design allow for fantastic levels of customisation and alteration.

Gym Floor InterlockingYour ultimate gym setup, whether at home or as a business, will depend on the equipment and space you are using for the gym, as such your floor must allow for comfortable placing of equipment, as well as comfortable movement around the space. Some people only need a small corner to contain everything they need at home, while others may require a whole room to get the setup they think is best. Businesses, however, will need large areas of varying floor types. Since gym demands vary from use to use, the best floors need to be able to adapt to what you need for your perfect gym design.

As a provider of top quality products in South Africa, be sure to contact Rubber United for a stunning selection of specialty exercise floor options. Speak to the professional team to find exactly what you need.

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