Make your trailer last longer

Make your trailer last longerMake your trailer last longer – the need for trailer/stable mats, how they can help

Anyone who owns a trailer can attest to the fact that it is a much needed asset. Whether taking on day to day events or taking on something special, having a quality trailer on hand can make life a breeze. Although, as it is such an important tool, taking care of it must be a top priority.

Every person who has had to move or take a long road trip can tell you exactly how wonderful it is to have a trailer to use when you need it…or alternatively how much they would have loved to have a trailer. However, and much like owning any other tool, keeping your trailer in good condition is key to safe and enjoyable use. As it is, in a sense, a vehicle on the road it must undergo inspection and maintenance much like a car would – checking lights and wheels, the usual rundown. It must also be maintained to ensure it is roadworthy and stable enough to carry your luggage, not to mention rust-free to stop and foul marks on your things.

There are many ways to take care of your trailer, from padding and mats to bumpers, a host of roads to take to ensure the longevity of your best tool in the yard.


Rubber flooring is an anti-slip surface is used in larger trailers with more permanent flooring installed. Within larger units that may transport animals or need to be climbed in by personnel, durable, safe flooring is ideal when lifting and manoeuvring heavy items. Protection and safety are of the utmost importance when shifting animals and goods around a large trailer. As a sturdy flooring option that can be fixed into place, this ensures damage to the trailer is minimised while in use. Whether animals moving around or large containers laying on the floor, rubber cover ensures effective transport all round. This is ideal for common use trailers that are needed on a day to day basis, whereas a more adjustable option may be better for holiday or weekend trailers.


Trailer mats provide performance, durability and appearance that is perfect for the holiday style trailer. This 100% recycled rubber flooring provides cushion for goods in transit that ensures minimal damage or jostling while on the road. The non-slip surface is easy to clean and maintain while makes it perfect for the rugged South African terrain that our adventurers love. Making sure your trailer can stand the test of time, and get cleaned out properly, mats that are rolled and tiled can be ideal for the adventure you and your trailer can have.

As a fantastic way to ensure a long, happy life for your trailer is to give it everything it needs. Whether rolling matts or fixed flooring, a sturdy floor option from Rubber United is the best way to protect your trailer when in use.

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