Creating a more productive space in the new year – business or home, how rubber products can improve your space

rubber-united-stud-flooring-grey-2Creating a more productive space, whether at home or in the workplace, is the perfect amalgamation of creative freedom and logical process. Making an area that serves a specific purpose is ideal for getting the most out of your day.

There are many ways to make the most out of your space, by using a number of elements to ensure efficiency at all times. Rubber United has a number of rubber products that can ensure your home or office is a smooth running space where you can be productive at all times.


In your home you can make your space more productive in a number of ways. From creating a gym and workout space to soundproofing areas of increased noise – particularly good when learning an instrument – even perfectly hiding cables in the lounge to make life a little simpler. Nothing is more annoying than cables tangled and tucked away, pulling endlessly to see which plug is which, best find a way to organise them effectively.

Not just practical solutions for the living space, having something like anti-slip tape in your bathroom and shower can increase safety. This is something preferred by many with younger children you want to minimise the chance of accidents.


Businesses are the most ideal places for a productive room design. Whether the common area or in the office itself, there are many ways to make it a more productive place to be. This may seem trivial at time, but these are all elements that allow your staff to feel comfortable at work. A comfortable, happy staff will produce better, more effective work.

From corporate to industrial settings, businesses across South Africa depend in many rubber items to ensure their day run smoothly throughout. A great example of these need are the “behind the scenes” elements. Delivery areas and parking lots are known to cause hazard. From small spaces to camped maneuvers, having rubber guards and hazard signs ensure that accidents are greatly reduced. Similarly, safety grip in bathrooms and rubber matting option on balconies are needed throughout businesses to ensure both safety of use and drainage when dealing with spills or outside areas.

Be sure to contact Rubber United when you need to add to your productive space.

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