Safety Products You Need

pedestrian-cable-coverCable protectors and safety products range, use in everyday life, needed in every business

Safety products are a collection of items that most overlook or don’t pay much attention too. However, these are products that are needed in all businesses and public spaces, to ensure all runs according to plan. Whether protecting hardware, staff members or visitors to your business, you need to have the right safety features in your building. Many of these facilitate a smooth handling of emergency or urgent situations, the unseen necessities of everyday operations.

Cover in all the right places

Covering delicate or precious elements around your space ensures not only personal safety, but the protection of hardware throughout the operation. Most notable, especially when catering to large events or gatherings, cable protection offers a subtle ramp over any cables making their way around the area, while also making sure that not active tripping hazard is present on the ground. A fantastic addition to outdoor events, these protract cables form everyday stresses. Whether constant pressure from cars and trucks driving over barriers, or hiding away unsightly connections, these items are seen constantly, the most trusted way to protect vital cables and cords. With a pliable cord cover option, as well as a more stable, durable cable protector, these can be suited to your specific need.

Don’t throw caution to the wind

Caution products are also strange products to place, although try going into any shopping mall or supermarket without them popping up regularly. These are ideal for urgent or emergency situations, often to warn passers-by of an obstruction or possible danger. With a number of items, fulfilling an array of uses, these are recognisable parts of daily safety that are used time and time again. Most often seen are caution signs for floors and wet areas. These ensure that patrons and staff do not risk injury when moving around the shop, mall or general area. Safety Wet FloorAs a bright, eye-catching item, these are often seen in shops after a spill. Alternative caution elements to the sign include the white and red caution chain, as well as corner and wall protectors, however these are usually reserved for outdoor applications.

Chains are fantastic for closing off areas to the public, especially favoured at events or in parking facilities to ensure unwanted access halted. Wall and corner protectors are also an important feature that most would not even notice until it’s needed. Most often seen in parking areas and industrial settings, these ensure corners, walls and edges are clearly visible when moving around the area. With reflective panels, these ensure that cars and vehicles will easily notice protectors when driving. Not only lowering the chance of crash or incident, but also protecting the wall when an incident occurs.

On the road again

Outside of your home or business, there is one cautionary element that is more noticeable than arguably any other – the orange traffic cone. This is possible the most diversely used safety product, whether on the road to indicate a vehicle in the way, guiding cars through a road check or evening closing off parking areas throughout the workday, these cones are seen again and again. As a durable item that must withstand wind, rain and the rest of the elements, these must be clear, bright and eye-catching. A must have item when working in poor conditions, especially around the roadway.

Safety products come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of important daily uses. Whether stand alone or coupled together, Rubber Untied offers customers a range of products that you can rely on. Safety tape or a sturdy chain, ramps, bumpers or barriers, we have the safety products you need.


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