Event safety at its finest

Event safetyEvent safety is a key ingredient to a well run, successful occasion. Whether running a professional event or a private function, safety and security around the space is arguably the most important element. As enjoyment is the aim of the day, making guests comfortable and at ease is a key ingredient to a great event.

Making sure your event runs smoothly may require a team of planners, chefs, caterers, wait staff, bartenders, security personnel, as well as a host of admin and management personnel. With so many moving parts, having safety precautions and procedures in place and well-documented allows everyone to know what is happening. You also need a range of items in place to make sure that any at risk elements are taken care of. With generators and power, lights, stalls, fridges and a range of electrical needs, cables often play a problem. If not that then crowd control can come into play, cordinging off problem areas or places that may be dangerous at night. There are a number of ways in which you can ensure the safety of everyone at your event.

Ensuring that risk is properly managed at your event involves identifying what could go wrong, before it goes wrong. Putting measures in place to make sure those risks are lessened, or eliminated entirely if possible. As the most commonly found risk element is cabling and electrical connectors, having cable protectors and plastic guards are the best way to ensure not only that these elements wont get damaged or power lost, but also take away the risk of tripping while staff are moving around the area. With options for heavy duty need, when cables are strewn across roads or paths, or softer guards for casual foot traffic, these stop cable breakage and reduce tripping hazards. These sorts of items are readily available to guard a number of risk elements, ensuring safety before an accident can happen.

When dealing with a larger event and there are large crowds of people around the grounds, safety can quickly become an issue if not managed. Your safety planning needs to include a way to control crowds. For example, if there are tickets sold at the door, how will you move people through the gates quickly enough not to cause a bottleneck? How will you manage large influxes of people in certain areas when the doors open? Will areas be spaced out or side by side? There are a range of items to use to better guide guests to the event. One of the favoured ways at the entrance and ticketing areas are coloured chains and taped off areas. Cones and mobile signs can also be used to demarcate areas and block off important entrances. There are a number of ways in which you can use these tools to keep safety at its best. Make sure you have a plan for making sure that guests go where they should and that there are no back doors or gates that allow people to go outside the event area where they could potentially be injured. Everyone at the event falls under the organisers responsibility, and as such you must tackle safet head on.

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