Rubber sheeting in food processing

Rubber sheeting in food processingRubber sheeting in food processing – what are rubber sheets and how can they be used

Rubber sheeting in food processing is a key element that ensures a number of activities. Whether protecting, padding, lining or comforting, these ensure fluidity around the facility. As a tool to a more effective, efficient environment, especially when regarding the standards of food processing, rubber sheeting can be strategically use around the workplace.

Food processing is serious business in across the world, as arguably the most scrutinised industry by the greater market it needs to adhere to strict standards of hygiene and safety. It takes specially certified materials to handle and package food properly, within established guidelines set forward by food governing administration of the respective country – in South Africa it is the FSI under the governance of the Consumer Goods Council. Rubber is often the most sought after material when designing a food processing system and preparation applications. As such a durable material rubber can be properly washed, as well as used in a number of integral ways throughout the process. From covering counters to protecting floors and wet areas, these are ideal items to use when dealing with food processing.

There are a number of rubber products commonly seen around these facilities that allow for not only pristine hygiene, but also worker safety. Flooring with studs, checkers or diamonds offer ideal grip on super smooth surfaces. Ideal for larger areas they also offer padding that is perfectly suited for dealing with heavy machinery and large containers. Ribbed rubber flooring is another similar option that has the same properties with a more durable, thick design. These flooring options can also be used to allow for elevation above possible, small scale spills or when working with liquids. As durable options for controlling the environment, these are integral floor components when designing these facilities. They also allow for simple, easy washing at all time, which have made these selections a poplar range in processing plants across the country. Table mats and guard are also used in a variety of ways, as well as rubber stoppers and door barriers for transportation. All of these items must be made high grade material to ensure the effectiveness of the facility.

However, it cannot be just any type of rubber you use in these situations. Materials must be able to withstand the comings and goings of the facility without degrading, as well as being sufficiently cleaned and sanitised. The rubber elements that are used within the food handling process must also be food grade rubber to ensure no contamination or unwanted issues. All to abide by the proper health and safety standards.

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