Rubber Gym Tile Smooth

31410330 | 31410300 | 31410200 | 31410210 | 31410230 | 31410240 | 31410330
Length (m) 1
Width (m) 1
Thickness (mm) 15 | 20
Quality SBR / Polyurethane binder
Sales Unit:per tile=1m2
Material:recycled granulated rubber
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The rubber gym tiles at Rubber United are beneficial for usage in home gyms & fitness centres effective exercise and sound nutrition. The tiles can be placed over any surface to quickly create a non-slip area, suitable for use when wet or dry and it is also able to absorb sound. These tiles are also shock absorbent due to their density and provides a springy ground that is useful in protecting individuals from injury, making it ideal for when performing exercises such as weightlifting that would create loud sounds on regular flooring

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