Rubber Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mat on Roll

Thickness (mm)15
Length (m)9.3
Width (cm)90
Executionupperside round studs and sloping edges
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Workplace mats are ideal for areas where work is done standing in one place for extended periods of time, like production, packaging and assembly. The mats are anti-slip, anti-fatigue and have shock and sound absorbing properties. The beveled edges provide additional security to avoid tripping.Unique bubble surface design reduces fatigue from standing and molded rubber bubble on top and bottom of mats ensures comfort and easy air flow. Ergonomically designed to stimulate blood flow to combat fatigue and provides the ultimate comfort and portability for any area where standing is required. Tough and resilient rubber mats feature several air pockets that help to add further anti-fatigue properties while ensuring a strong and viable mat for years to come.

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