EPDM Sponge self-adhesive P-profile 9 x 5.5mm – Brown

Length (m)100
Width (mm)9
Height (mm)5.5
Temperature range -50°C to +90°C
Material Cellular rubber
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This brown self-adhesive p-profile is frequently used as a self-adhesive draft strip or draft strip. The profile is used for filling and sealing rebates and crevices at windows and doors. The round air chamber makes it easy to compress the material and adapts easily to unevenness. It is also possible to fill relatively large gaps and openings. Due to the high filling and sealing capacity, P-profiles can also be used perfectly with parts that are skewed in relation to each other. The self-adhesive adhesive layer has a high adhesive strength and is provided with a reinforcement consisting of a fine network of glass fibres. A major advantage of this is that the material can be processed evenly and easily without being overstretched.

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