Diamond Rubber Flooring

30140120 | 30140150 | 30140160 | 30140155
Thickness (mm)3 (black) / 2.7 (red)
Length (m) 10
Hardness70° Shore A ± 5°
Working Temperature-10°C / +70°C
Executionupper side diamond profile, reverse cloth impression
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Diamond is instantly recognized thanks to its characteristic diamond plate pattern and bright surface. The shine emphasizes the high quality of the flooring. The ribbed surface pattern is more prone to scraping action and offers added grip for applications where dirt and moisture is prevalent. This ribbed flooring is used where protection and safety are of the utmost importance. For example: construction sites, airports, entryways, indoor/outdoor aisle ways, but also as industrial shelves, scraper mats, shelf liners, toolbox liners and van flooring.

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