Event safety at its finest

Event safetyEvent safety is a key ingredient to a well run, successful occasion. Whether running a professional event or a private function, safety and security around the space is arguably the most important element. As enjoyment is the aim of the day, making guests comfortable and at ease is a key ingredient to a great event.

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Rubber sheeting in food processing

Rubber sheeting in food processingRubber sheeting in food processing – what are rubber sheets and how can they be used

Rubber sheeting in food processing is a key element that ensures a number of activities. Whether protecting, padding, lining or comforting, these ensure fluidity around the facility. As a tool to a more effective, efficient environment, especially when regarding the standards of food processing, rubber sheeting can be strategically use around the workplace.

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The need for recyclable rubber

Recycling rubberThe need for recyclable rubber – which items can be recycled and why it is important

Recyclable rubber is a key part of modern society and an integral industry in South Africa. As a commonly used material, literally seen everywhere from the classroom to the roads, business, sports teams and pretty much everywhere else. This versatile material is a part of our daily existence, and as such it must always be recycled.

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Make your trailer last longer

Make your trailer last longerMake your trailer last longer – the need for trailer/stable mats, how they can help

Anyone who owns a trailer can attest to the fact that it is a much needed asset. Whether taking on day to day events or taking on something special, having a quality trailer on hand can make life a breeze. Although, as it is such an important tool, taking care of it must be a top priority.

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Impact absorbing playground mats

Playground matsImpact absorbing playground mats are brilliant additions to increase protection on the ground. As a playground plays host to a range of children, running, leaping, jumping and swing, the flooring must allow for a padded fall if needed. Whether at school or in a training setting, playground mats and flooring option must be both durable and padded for a softer fall. Whether at home or at school, get the right mats for your area.

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Workplace Mats

Work Mat InterlockingThe unseen hero – used from bars to factories, keep workers safe, stable and fairly dry-footed

Workplace mats are truly an unsung hero of some dirty jobs. Whether dirty by name or dirty by nature, many daily jobs and workplaces rely on these high quality product to keep both their area clean and their staff safe. Mats offer grip, elevation and space, allowing for a number of benefits around common jobs.

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The Ultimate Gym Floor

Gym FloorDetailing interlocking tiles and sport gym range as part of the perfect gym design

The ultimate gym floor is sought after in South Africa, needing the right characteristics to get the job done. When training, health and exercise are your key focuses, the floor you install for training areas, at home or in a gym, can make all the difference. Whether a thicker option for MMA or ground based work, or a more dense, sturdy mat for more weight based routines, each floor can be best utilised in a certain way around your area.

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Safety Products You Need

pedestrian-cable-coverCable protectors and safety products range, use in everyday life, needed in every business

Safety products are a collection of items that most overlook or don’t pay much attention too. However, these are products that are needed in all businesses and public spaces, to ensure all runs according to plan. Whether protecting hardware, staff members or visitors to your business, you need to have the right safety features in your building. Many of these facilitate a smooth handling of emergency or urgent situations, the unseen necessities of everyday operations.

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